Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Warriors' Gate

This story was just a mess.  The TARDIS is somehow trapped between N-Space and E-Space in a featureless, white void.  I really didn't think the effects could get much cheaper than Meglos, but here we are, at a new low already.  There's inexplicably another crew there who are hilariously apathetic toward their leader, whose name I've already forgotten.  But they're also bad guys.  Who we're somehow supposed to take seriously.  Adric walks around, flipping a coin a lot, but he gets a good moment in near the end with some sort of radar dish thing-y.  The plot develops in a murky miasma of collapsing dimensions, mirror universes (and not the fun kind, where everyone has a mustache), alien slaves, some sort of unobtanium called "Dwarf Star Alloy" and then, for some reason, Romana leaves.  Something about the aliens need a Time Lord for... something.

So it's goodbye Romana, goodbye K-9 and goodbye E-Space.  I'm fairly certain I'm a story or two away from saying goodbye to Tom Baker's Doctor as well.  It's going to be bittersweet - after all, Tom has been MY Doctor since the first time I saw him in City of Death about 16 years ago.  I feel like I'll barely get to spend any time with Peter Davidson in comparison.